Chest Assured

The ideal workout routine for filling out those tight shirts.
By: Dan Welden

A powerful-looking chest can make any boy weak in the knees; the thought of burying my face in those rock-hard pecs makes my mouth water. A big, firm chest also boldly displays the fact that you work out. Although there are ways to artificially create this look—one word: implants—it’s best to develop those beautiful tits the natural way.

Here’s a killer chest routine guaranteed to not only create a massive pump before you go out for the night, but also to push you beyond your normal limits, which will help stimulate growth and give you a rack that the boys will attack.

Warm-up: Before starting any exercise routine, warm up the muscles to help prevent injury—especially when pushing yourself to the max. This should include arm circles, which are performed by holding your arms directly out to your sides. Start by forming small circles in the air, as if you’re drawing them from your fingertips. Gradually make the rotations larger and larger over 30 seconds until your circles are approximately two-feet across. Gradually stop and repeat the motion in the reverse direction.

Bench press: Repeat five “pyramid” sets consisting of 15 reps, then 12, 10, eight, and six reps. When performing a bench press it’s important not to have your elbows flared out or to overly arch your back. The bar should also be centered over mid to low chest, never over your face or you risk injury.

Cable fly: As with the bench press, you’ll complete five sets using pyramid repetitions. When doing the cable fly, it is important to have your arms very slightly bent, as though you were about to hug a bear. Also, hold the end position for a second before returning to the starting position. Keep your shoulders down, head forward, and sit up straight with your stomach pulled in.

Incline dumbbell bench: As with the previous exercises, you will complete five sets in a pyramid fashion. Dumbbells should be centered around the upper chest throughout the motion. At the top of the movement, bring the dumbbells together and contract your chest before returning to the starting position.

High cable fly: Unlike the others, you will only be performing four sets, but still in a pyramid fashion of 15, 12, 10, and eight repetitions. This is performed similar to the standard cable fly, except you’ll place the pulleys at the top notch to start.

Decline dumbbell bench: Once again, you’ll perform five sets in the pyramid style. This movement is a little difficult until you get the hang of it, so I recommend starting light. The location of the weight is similar to that on the barbell bench, mid to low chest, and you’ll want to push straight toward the ceiling.

Low cable fly: These have the same movements and the same number of sets and repetitions as the high cable fly. However, unlike high cable flys, you’ll position the pulleys at the bottom notch.

Remember: Always focus on form and controlled movements before stacking on the weights; if you can easily complete a set, you’re not using enough weight. Keep your rest periods limited to under 60 seconds. And don’t forget to stretch!