Gym Etiquette: Don't Be That Person

10 unspoken rules every fitness buff should follow

By: Dan Welden

Regular gymgoers know that there are certain unspoken rules to ensure that everyone has an enjoyable experience. Whether you’re new to the gym or are a longtime member, follow these simple guidelines to avoid being labeled as your gym’s biggest a-hole.

1. Re-rack your weights: Nothing is more frustrating than searching for the weight you need or having to clean up an area before you can begin working out. This can be easily resolved. Put your weights away when you’re done and be sure to place them in the appropriate spot. 

2. Don’t hog the equipment: Supersets are a great way to get an efficient and effective workout. But if you’re taking up multiple pieces of equipment, you’re slowing down everyone else.  

3. Don’t be obnoxious: Eating, talking on the phone, reading, or chatting with friends should never be done while you’re occupying a piece of equipment. The treadmill is an obvious exception for reading or texting, but stay quiet and focused when using the bench press.

4. Don’t block traffic: The gym can get crowded and space can become precious, but never work out in high traffic areas like hallways and the walkways between equipment. Not only are you blocking people from getting by, you’re also creating a potentially dangerous environment. If it’s too crowded to exercise, wait for an open space like everyone else. 

5. Practice good hygiene: Check yourself, boo. If you smell bad before stepping foot in the gym, you’re going to smell even worse while working out. The gym is not an underground club in Berlin. No one wants to smell your body odor here.  

6. Don’t use chalk: Unless you’re training for a strongman competition, chalk is not necessary. It also gets on the next person’s clothes, which is extremely irritating. Most gyms actually prohibit it. 

7. Wipe down equipment: Unless it’s during sex, no one wants another person’s sweat on their body, so always wipe off your equipment after you’re finished.

8. Don’t talk while naked: It’s fine to be friendly, but the locker room is a place to change and shower, not have naked conversations while  casually drying your man parts. 

9. Back away from the rack: Once you grab dumbbells off the rack, please back away! It’s so annoying when someone is standing or sitting close to the rack, preventing others from grabbing or putting their dumbbells away.

10. Don’t be a creeper: It’s so weird when someone stares at you or stands right next to you while you’re working out. Whether you’re waiting for a machine or just find someone attractive, don’t be creepy!