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What's the Plan, Man?

What's the Plan, Man?

New year, new you, right? So you’ve committed to hitting the gym and eating healthy. Unfortunately, many people who have made this life-changing decision quickly give up because it’s too challenging or boring. Changing your fitness lifestyle is like quitting cigarettes: some people can quit cold turkey while others need a firm game plan.

Building the perfect workout plan can be difficult, and your eyes will surely glaze over looking at the thousands of  plans that are detailed online. Which plan is right for you? Reduce the mental strain by focusing on some basic fundamentals of building an appropriate workout plan that will help you get and stay on track.

Recovery: Bouncing Back

Recovery: Bouncing Back

Recovering from an injury or surgery can be a daunting task. Some people may even require physical therapy in order to function normally or as close to normal as possible, which can be a major setback for your fitness progress. This can be depressing and frustrating, and it’s even worse if your injury occurred during a workout. That’s what happened to me just over a year ago when I sustained a shoulder injury that required surgery and several months of physical therapy, so I completely understand the emotions that you may experience. However, you can’t allow this to hold you back; you’ve got to be a fighter!

Workout: Go In With a Plan

Time is precious when you live in a city that never sleeps. This is especially true during the holiday season. Between parties, bar crawls, family gatherings, brunch, and even holiday hookups, many of us find very little time to spend at the gym.

So how do you squeeze in gym time during the holidays? Go in with a plan! Here are five tips to help insure that you’re effective with your time and stay in shape all season long.

Getting and Staying Motivated

Before I started working out regularly, I always wanted to get in shape, but I lacked the motivation, self-esteem, and maybe even the courage to hit the gym. Any time I would gather enough nerve to go to the gym, I would see how strong everyone else was and notice how they navigated the gym with ease, whereas I looked like a lost toddler. It was discouraging and I would give up before I even started.

I found myself constantly searching online for ways to get and stay motivated to work out and to overcome the intimidation I felt every time I set foot in a gym. I found a lot of great advice, but nothing that really resonated with me. Lots of sites suggest that motivation comes from within. But how do you find the kind of internal motivation that can’t be sidetracked by low self-esteem or intimidation? Here’s what I discovered