Chest Assured

Chest Assured

A powerful-looking chest can make any boy weak in the knees; the thought of burying my face in those rock-hard pecs makes my mouth water. A big, firm chest also boldly displays the fact that you work out. Although there are ways to artificially create this look—one word: implants—it’s best to develop those beautiful tits the natural way.

Here’s a killer chest routine guaranteed to not only create a massive pump before you go out for the night, but also to push you beyond your normal limits, which will help stimulate growth and give you a rack that the boys will attack.

What's the Plan, Man?

What's the Plan, Man?

New year, new you, right? So you’ve committed to hitting the gym and eating healthy. Unfortunately, many people who have made this life-changing decision quickly give up because it’s too challenging or boring. Changing your fitness lifestyle is like quitting cigarettes: some people can quit cold turkey while others need a firm game plan.

Building the perfect workout plan can be difficult, and your eyes will surely glaze over looking at the thousands of  plans that are detailed online. Which plan is right for you? Reduce the mental strain by focusing on some basic fundamentals of building an appropriate workout plan that will help you get and stay on track.

Workout: Go In With a Plan

Time is precious when you live in a city that never sleeps. This is especially true during the holiday season. Between parties, bar crawls, family gatherings, brunch, and even holiday hookups, many of us find very little time to spend at the gym.

So how do you squeeze in gym time during the holidays? Go in with a plan! Here are five tips to help insure that you’re effective with your time and stay in shape all season long.

Fitness: Don't Push It

When it comes to fitness, most of us want fast results. However, if I may compare fitness to finance, getting in shape should be viewed as a long-term investment with small payouts over time. You may be spending more time at the gym, pushing yourself beyond the max and not allowing rest days in fear of losing gains. In fact, these ambitious training efforts can often lead to loss of muscle mass and strength due to overtraining and not allowing your muscles to properly recover. How do you know if you’ve been overtraining?

Finding Time for Fitness

After hitting the snooze button for the 10th time, you wake up 30 minutes before you have to be at work, take a power shower, throw on your least wrinkled outfit, and run out the door, barely leaving enough time to grab a coffee. Then you get to work and realize you have five meetings, four conference calls, 100 emails, lunch with a client, and a networking event that evening. Sound familiar? 

Weight Watchers

One of the top questions I’m asked as a personal trainer is whether it’s better to lift heavier weights with lower reps or to lift lighter weights with higher reps. The answer is neither. Both methods have their purpose and both can help you meet your fitness goals. Which one you should focus on depends on your particular goals. Are you trying to gain muscle mass? Do you want to lift more than most humans? Do you want to lose weight? Do you want to get jacked? All of these will have an impact on which end of the spectrum you should focus on.

Workout: The Perfect Butt

Imagine you just bought a new pair of jeans that accentuate your backside to the max. You’re walking on cloud nine, thinking everyone’s checking out your bum. Then, just when your confidence is at an all-time high, someone walks by with an ass like a god. Suddenly, you feel like someone stuck a needle in your butt cheeks, and you’re carrying around a couple of deflated balloons in your pants. Before you run to the plastic surgeon for emergency butt implants, help is on the way.

WORKOUT: My Chest, My Back, Work My Gaydar and My Abs

Sweat dripping, muscles flexing, hearts racing—you’ll experience all that and more in Matthew Griffin’s Chest, Back and Abs class at Barry’s Bootcamp in Tribeca. I recently attended the one-hour class, and here’s what to expect from the workout and the scene.