Chest Assured

The ideal workout routine for filling out those tight shirts.
By: Dan Welden

A powerful-looking chest can make any boy weak in the knees; the thought of burying my face in those rock-hard pecs makes my mouth water. A big, firm chest also boldly displays the fact that you work out. Although there are ways to artificially create this look—one word: implants—it’s best to develop those beautiful tits the natural way.

Here’s a killer chest routine guaranteed to not only create a massive pump before you go out for the night, but also to push you beyond your normal limits, which will help stimulate growth and give you a rack that the boys will attack.

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What's the Plan, Man?

How to build your perfect weight-loss workout routine.
By: Dan Welden

New year, new you, right? So you’ve committed to hitting the gym and eating healthy. Unfortunately, many people who have made this life-changing decision quickly give up because it’s too challenging or boring. Changing your fitness lifestyle is like quitting cigarettes: some people can quit cold turkey while others need a firm game plan.

Building the perfect workout plan can be difficult, and your eyes will surely glaze over looking at the thousands ofplans that are detailed online. Which plan is right for you? Reduce the mental strain by focusing on some basic fundamentals of building an appropriate workout plan that will help you get and stay on track.

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The Courtney Experience

Work Out New York' trainer Courtney Paul wants to change your life.

Courtney Paul has a big personality. Unlike many reality stars, he admits he’s the same in real life as he appears on TV.
The breakout star of Bravo’s Work Out New York, Paul considers himself “the NeNe Leakes” of the show, an effusive, energetic character who cares about his friends and wants to help others be their very best. And the same is true off-camera; he’s the sassy big brother you’ve always wanted, fun-loving and carefree, but at the same time driven. It’s that mix of enthusiasm, attention, and ambition that make him such a motivational personal trainer, and Paul is confident that comes through on Work Out. “I feel I was portrayed pretty accurately on the show,” he says. “But all my clients know me. I am not concerned at all!”

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Coming Back Strong

Personal trainer Robert “Butch” Sands on safely returning to the gym post-rehab.

So you just completed rehabilitation after an injury or surgery and you’re looking to get back on the wagon ASAP, but you want to do it right and not risk reinjuring yourself. What should you do? Robert “Butch” Sands, personal trainer and corrective exercise specialist at Crunch on 19th Street, explains how he gets his clients safely back into shape. —Dan Welden

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Escape and Stay in Shape

How to keep fit while you’re on vacation.

Has the cold weather confined you to your tiny apartment? Although you may make brief trips to the gym to ogle buff guys, you find yourself desperately needing to escape the anxiety cloud looming over you. In the mornings, as you prepare to venture into the frozen wasteland of the city and try to wash away an expression of dread, the warm splash of water across your face floods your mind with thoughts of waves crashing on a sunny beach. So you pull out your phone and book the first flight to Puerto Vallarta.

Sure, that vacation sounds amazing, but you can’t neglect your workout routine as easily as your New York City responsibilities. Here are six ways to make sure you stay in shape on your great escape.

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New Year, New Bod

Six tips to help you keep your fitness resolutions.

It’s that time of year again when millions of people around the world make the life-changing decision that they’re finally getting in shape. But for many folks that decision lasts about a week before they return to their nightly Netflix-and-takeout routine and forget all about that resolution. That lifestyle may be easier and more familiar, but you’ll be kicking yourself this summer when your stomach has magically expanded several inches.

The reality is that you have approximately six months before peak beach season. So how do you keep your fitness resolutions and avoid a sad case of the shrunken Speedos? Remember these six tips and and you’ll be much more likely to meet your fitness goals in the new year.

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Recovery: Bouncing Back

How to recover quickly from a workout-related injury.

Recovering from an injury or surgery can be a daunting task. Some people may even require physical therapy in order to function normally or as close to normal as possible, which can be a major setback for your fitness progress. This can be depressing and frustrating, and it’s even worse if your injury occurred during a workout. That’s what happened to me just over a year ago when I sustained a shoulder injury that required surgery and several months of physical therapy, so I completely understand the emotions that you may experience. However, you can’t allow this to hold you back; you’ve got to be a fighter!

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Workout: Go In With a Plan

Five ways to be more efficient and effective at the gym.

Time is precious when you live in a city that never sleeps. This is especially true during the holiday season. Between parties, bar crawls, family gatherings, brunch, and even holiday hookups, many of us find very little time to spend at the gym.

So how do you squeeze in gym time during the holidays? Go in with a plan! Here are five tips to help insure that you’re effective with your time and stay in shape all season long.

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Don't Resist the Disq

A new spin on traditional group fitness.

I recently learned about Disq classes offered at Crunch Fitness locations all over the city and was curious about how this wearable workout device actually works—and how easy it is to use. Originally created for speed skaters, Disq, which involves adjustable straps, basically lets you turn up the resistance while doing various exercises to make your workout more challenging.

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Season's Eatings

How to count calories and dine responsibly during the holidays.

Everyone loves holiday foods, but feasting blindly will only make you pack on those dreaded holiday pounds. It may seem like a total Grinch-like buzzkill, but an online calorie calculator like can help you keep track of your caloric intake all season long. 

Keep in mind, of course, that calorie counts are approximations because recipes can vary widely—especially if you cook like my grandma, who loves butter! But at least you’ll get a rough idea of how many calories are in each serving—and how much you’ll need to burn off when you finally come out of your food coma. 

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