The Courtney Experience

Work Out New York' trainer Courtney Paul wants to change your life.

Courtney Paul has a big personality. Unlike many reality stars, he admits he’s the same in real life as he appears on TV.
The breakout star of Bravo’s Work Out New York, Paul considers himself “the NeNe Leakes” of the show, an effusive, energetic character who cares about his friends and wants to help others be their very best. And the same is true off-camera; he’s the sassy big brother you’ve always wanted, fun-loving and carefree, but at the same time driven. It’s that mix of enthusiasm, attention, and ambition that make him such a motivational personal trainer, and Paul is confident that comes through on Work Out. “I feel I was portrayed pretty accurately on the show,” he says. “But all my clients know me. I am not concerned at all!”

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