Don't Resist the Disq

A new spin on traditional group fitness.

I recently learned about Disq classes offered at Crunch Fitness locations all over the city and was curious about how this wearable workout device actually works—and how easy it is to use. Originally created for speed skaters, Disq, which involves adjustable straps, basically lets you turn up the resistance while doing various exercises to make your workout more challenging.

I went to the Crunch location on Bowery to check out the Amped with Disq class, which, instructed by Marc Santa Maria and Kristin Mioskie, is a mashup of hip-hop moves using the Disq. Santa Maria, Crunch’s national group fitness director, has 15 years of teaching experience with Crunch under his belt. He’s gone through 24 different group fitness certifications, and his fitness expertise has been featured on The Today Show, Good Morning America, and in major magazines like Details and Men’s Health. Mioskie, a professional dancer from the Philadelphia area, has been teaching at Crunch for a year and a half. In addition to multiple fitness certifications, she holds degrees in biochemistry and dance performance.

This was the first co-instructed class I’ve taken, but the transition between instructors was smooth, and the interplay of their styles thoughout the class was interesting. Both instructors were very enthusiastic and danced extremely well. The class is a lot of fun, but it will definitely make you sweat.

Think of Amped with Disq as almost like Zumba on steroids; if you like Zumba but want to kick it up a notch, this class is perfect for you. However, Amped is not necessarily right for someone with back or joint issues. There’s a lot of movement involved, so you should speak with the instructor before class if you’re concerned about your physical limitations. And, Crunch offers three other Disq classes that might be a better fit for you.

Transformer with Disq: You’ll move like a machine in this cardio strength class. The Disq’s adjustable, constant resistance lets you work out at your own level, giving you the ability to fire up or set back as needed to provide a total body workout that will balance and transform your physique.

Disq Reformer: This class incorporates the core burning and shaping effects of pilates with the Disq’s total body resistance training. The wearable equipment gives you the freedom to move through the workout without being confined.

Inflow with Disq: Flow with strength and grace in this Vinyasa-inspired class, which combines the benefits of power yoga with the Disq’s fluid resistance to build a leaner, stronger, more flexible you.

These classes essentially allow participants to intensify their workout in traditional group fitness classes through the use of the Disq. Sure, it may take a few minutes to get the hang of the unfamiliar equipment, but it will ultimately help you gain more control of your workout. I recommend these classes to any of my clients looking to tone up, lose weight, or increase flexibility.